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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Books read 2015

As I've done in past years, I've listed all of the books I read during the year. Some of these were consumed as audiobooks, but most were actually read. I haven't tried to distinguish between books I read for the first time and books I re-read.

1. Retribution, Max Hastings.
2. The Claw of the Conciliator, Gene Wolfe.
3. The Curmudgeon's Guide to Getting Ahead, Charles Murray.
4. The Byzantine Republic, Anthony Kaldellis.
5. How Rome Fell, Adrian Goldsworthy.
6. In Our Hands, Charles Murray.
7. No Score, Lawrence Block.
8. The Golden Apple, Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson.
9. O Is For Outlaw, Sue Grafton.
10. Season of the Witch, Peter Bebergal.
11. The Most Dangerous Book, Kevin Birmingham.
12. A History of Byzantium, Timothy E. Gregory.
13. The Janus Stone, Elly Griffiths.
14. The Story Hour, Thrity Umrigar.
15. Ancillary Justice, Ann Leckie.
16. Death of Yesterday, M.C. Beaton.
17. When Books Went to War, Molly Guptill Manning.
18. Death of a Policeman, M.C. Beaton.
19. The Death of Caesar, Barry Strauss.
20. Invisible City, Julia Dahl.
21. The Art of Gandhara in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Kurt Behrendt.
22. The Blues, a Visual History, Mike Evans.
23. The Book of Strange New Things, Michel Faber.
24. Behind the Smile, Bobbi Phelps Wolverton.
25. Raising Steam, Terry Pratchett.
26. Wheels Within Wheels, F. Paul Wilson.
27. A Better World, Marcus Sakey.
28. Girl in a Band, Kim Gordon.
29. Trailer Park Fae, Lilith Saintcrow.
30. Ancillary Sword, Ann Leckie.
31. Days of Rage, Bryan Burrough.
32. The Dead Key, D.M. Pulley.
33. Seveneves, Neal Stephenson.
34. By the People, Charles Murray.
35. Leviathan, Wilson and Shea.
36. Lost Sandusky, M. Kristina Smith.
37. The Sword of the Lictor, Gene Wolfe.
38. Words Without Music, Philip Glass.
39. Marblehead Lighthouse on Lake Erie, James Proffitt.
40. Elon Musk, Ashlee Vance.
41. Pause, Play — A Higher Consciousness Handbook, K.P. van der Tempel.
42. Goodbye to All That, Robert Graves.
43. Information Doesn't Want To Be Free, Cory Doctorow.
44. Aurora, Kim Stanley Robinson.
45. We Believe the Children, Richard Beck.
46. Stonemouth, Iain Banks.
47. The Dark Forest, Cixin Liu.
48. Armada, Ernest Cline.
49. The Island Worlds, Kotani and Roberts.
50. Now Wait for Last Year, Philip K. Dick.
51. The Dead Mountaineer's Inn, Arkady and Boris Strugatsky.
52. Browsings, Michael Dirda.
53. The Day of Wrath, Sever Gansovsky.
54. The Wright Brothers, David McCullough.
55. Hosts, F. Paul Wilson.
56. The Lonely Shadows: Tales of Horror and the Cthulhu Mythos, John Glasby.
57. The Billion Dollar Spy, David E. Hoffman.
58. Unfaithful Music and Disappearing Ink, Elvis Costello.
59. The Mirror Maze, James D. Hogan.
60. Dick Kinzel, Roller Coaster King of Cedar Point, Tom O'Brien.
61. The Girl Who Owned a City, O.T. Nelson.
62. On Russian Music, Richard Taruskin.
63. The Miskatonic Manuscript, Vin Suprynowicz.
64. Manna, Lee Correy.
65. Stranger Than We Can Imagine, John Higgs.
66. The Castle of the Otter, Gene Wolfe.
67. My Turn: Hillary Clinton Targets the Presidency, Doug Henwood.
68. The Citadel of the Autarch, Gene Wolfe.


Eric Wagner said...

Did you enjoy the Robert Graves? I never finished that, but I heard good things about it.

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

Yes, I did. I like everything I've read by Robert Graves -- I want to read more of his books this year.

michael said...

RAW was influenced by Graves's _White Goddess_, as we know.

Tom:Re: your list: I don't see Glennon's _National Security and Double Government_. Did you read that last year? I knew you liked it a lot. I couldn't find it in any library that would lend it out around my section of Unistat, so I asked a generous sister in law for it for xmas, and by gum: score!

nakchtra devi said...
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