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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Guns and Dope Party issues a statement

In the light of recent reports that at least one candidate is running for president as a member of the Guns and Dope Party, the party has issued a statement to clarify that it does not endorse any candidate. Here is the statement:

The GADP does not endorse any candidate claiming to run as the official GADP candidate. There is no official GADP candidate, except perhaps occasionally when Olga inexplicably decides to campaign for President of Multiverse. Despite the impressive detailed descriptions of plausible interstellar propulsion systems and the outrageous uniforms, we suspect she is not serious, but no one has actually asked.

The statement has been posted on the Guns and Dope Party website. That website is maintained by the Robert Anton Wilson Trust, along with the official RAW website and the Hilaritas Press, the trust's new publishing arm. I am told that the first three RAW reprints to be issued by Hilaritas will be out soon, but no date has been announced yet.

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