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Friday, October 30, 2015

Higgs' book becoming available in the U.S.

The new John Higgs book, Stranger Than We Can Imagine: An Alternative History of the 20th Century, out for weeks in the United Kingdom, is becoming available in its various editions in the U.S.

Confusingly, the paperback edition is listed on Amazon as being released on Nov. 10, but the website says it can get it to me by Nov. 2. The Kindle edition will be released on Nov. 1, and I have to wait until Nov. 1 to get it, but the "International edition" for hardcover came out in September. Barnes and Noble says the paperback comes out Nov. 10, but I can get it in a store now, although the website says there are no stores in my area (there is actually one within half an hour of my house.) If I buy the Kindle ebook, I have to pay $1 more than for the Nook ebook. In any event, I'll have a copy in my hands soon.

I'm reading the new Elvis Costello memoir (elevates the rock star memoir genre —it's a really good book so far), but I can't wait to read John's book.


Anonymous said...
Worst than #? Stupider by far.

fyreflye said...

John Higgs' new book available on now!