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Thursday, October 29, 2015

If you want to try encryption, try Mailvelope

The usual answer that is given to ubiquitous government spying, such as that encouraged in the bill mentioned in yesterday's post, is to use encryption.

The main difficulty in using it is that almost nobody is willing to use it; as with anything, you learn do something by doing it. I only have one regular correspondent who uses encryption. But email encryption can also be difficult to use. Mailpile looked like a promising email client at one point, and for many people it probably still it, but the latest beta completely quit working for me and I had to abandon it. I now use Mailvelope, a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox which has become quite good and quite easy to use. I recommend it if you want to give PGP encryption a try. 

The web-based Proton Mail is an option if you just want to use a web service similar to Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, etc. There, the main problem is finding other folks who will use it. If you want to try it, you can write to me at

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chas said...

My take on encryption is this: unless I have something I need to keep on the low, why bother? The more those jackasses have to sift through, the better, imho. I went the whole route at one point, turning off google location services etc, and then I found that to be a pain in the butt. What's the value of Google if it doesn't know who I am? Now I'm like, whatever--I could really care less if I get a million ads for a snow blower or whatever.

Internet of things? Now that's a different story!