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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Music and gnosis

The Who, who gave Oz Fritz a lesson in the power of music. "The note is eternal" ... 

Recording engineer and magick student Oz Fritz has been doing a series of posts on mixing. While they are aimed at other folks who want to know how to become successful in the music industry, they also have material for people like me who are unlikely to ever step into a recording studio. This seems especially true of the newest installment, "Mixing Part 3: Nietzsche, Crowley and the Will to Power."

Oz makes several points in his piece, including this one: "Music provides the opportunity for gnostic breakthroughs - direct experiences of profound wisdom and understanding that greatly accelerates spiritual intelligence.. A gnostic moment at a Who concert is documented here." (It's documented by Oz, who writes about about his experience.) 

I'll note that Robert Anton Wilson wrote about incorporating Beethoven into his magick experiments in Cosmic Trigger 1, which we'll look more closely at next year.