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Thursday, July 30, 2015

RAW estate to launch Hilaritas Press

Robert Anton Wilson's estate is dumping New Falcon as the publisher of most of RAW's books, and instead is launching its own publishing imprint, Hilaritas Press.

Here is the official word from Richard Rasa, projects coordinator for the Robert Anton Wilson estate. (I wrote to Mr. Rasa earlier this week, after I noticed that all of RAW's books have vanished  from the New Falcon website).

In terms of RAW Trust matters, this is good news. We didn’t want to announce anything before we were more prepared, but I think an explanation is due. Bob and now Christina have fought with New Falcon over many issues over the years. Bob often spoke about how he would have loved to have had another publishing opportunity. He especially wanted the profits from his writing to help his children, and I heard him complain more than once about how New Falcon offered no such possibility. This became even more true with the changes in New Falcon since Alan Miller “left” the publishing house to his son Michael. Google "Michael Miller arrest”, if you haven’t already.

We’ve been preparing for months and are close to being ready to launch The RAW Trust’s new publishing house, Hilaritas Press. We will be republishing all of New Falcon's RAW books. We’re meticulously editing the books for typos and other mistakes, and then reformatting for eBook and Print publications. It’s a huge job, and so we are planning on releasing the books as each is done. At the moment we are nearing completion of Cosmic Trigger I, Prometheus Rising, and Quantum Psychology. We’re still working on a few new prefaces, and new covers. Still no clear launch date, as we keep tweaking, but we’ll let you know.

Check out the temporary landing page for Hilaritas Press:

Only a few people know about this change, and we’ve been keeping it quiet while issues were being settled, but most of the legal issues have been resolved, and so there’s no reason that rumors can’t start. 

Amor illuminatio hilaritas et pasta volans!


A couple of notes: I wrote about Michael Miller's arrest last November; I could not find an update when I ran a couple of quick searches. New Falcon has been RAW's publisher for just about everything except Illuminatus! and Schroedinger's Cat. There was a schism that I don't know much about after Christopher Hyatt died, resulting in a split and two book publishing companies, New Falcon and Original Falcon.


Gwyllm said...

Excellent news. I am happy that you are free of this entanglement!


facme said...

May Hilaritas Press succeed and may New Falcon suck eggs!

Rob Pugh said...

Fantastic news. Ebook versions of Quantum Psych & Prometheus Rising would be awesome.

Bobby Campbell said...

This is awesome! As much as I enjoyed getting to do RAW book covers for New Falcon, I am so so glad the RAW estate got his books back from them, and can move onwards and upwards.

Eric Wagner said...

I hope Hilaritas Press gets Bobby to do their covers.

tony smyth said...

Seconded, thirded and fourthed to thta hope!

phodecidus said...

Lets all contact them and tell them that Bobby Campbell is the bees knees.

Bobby Campbell said...

I very much appreciate the vote of confidence!

Obviously I'd be entirely delighted to continue doing RAW covers, but I'd also totally understand if they wanted to go in a new direction.

Any which way is super cool with me!

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