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Friday, July 31, 2015

New 'Nice Distinctions' fanzine [UPDATE]

Arthur Hlavaty holding forth at Detcon in 2014 (with Kevin Maroney and Bernadette Bosky.)

UPDATE: The new issue of Nice Distinctions 27 I write about here is now available at -- The Management. 

Veteran fan Arthur Hlavaty continues to publish his ish; he's just put out issue 27 of his "Nice Distinctions" fanzine and continues to mail it out to old school fans, although my copy arrived Thursday via email. This latest publication is listed as "Discordian Regimentation #127." Email version available by request; for contact info more about Arthur, see his blog. 

I read the latest zine from front to back shortly after getting it; many good bits, although I didn't get the bit about Stalin. Arthur reveals that he is gradually becoming more of a cyborg, and remarks that he isn't reading much science fiction this days: "As Lee Gold said, a fan is someone who used to read science fiction and likes hanging out with others who used to read science fiction." Arthur has hit on a real phenomena, although my own passion for science fiction remains unabated. (I'm currently reading the new Kim Stanley Robinson novel, Aurora. I recently finished Neal Stephenson's Seveneves and a re-read of Gene Wolfe's The Sword of the Lictor.)  I'm 58, and I expect to lose interest in SF at about the same time I lose all interest in women, Chinese food and classical music.

I liked Arthur's pithy summary of recent U.S. foreign policy: "The United States meddled in Indochina. After great loss of life and resources, we admitted defeat. In our wake came the Khmer Rouge, attempting to wipe out everyone with the privilege of literacy. The United States meddled in Iraq. Same kind of losses, and ISIS."

An almost-complete archive of Nice Distinctions is available online, although the new issue isn't up yet. Real Soon Now, I plan to go back and read all of the back issues I've missed.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the kind words. The Stalin bit is a shot at the Trotskyites who think communism wouldn't have been megamurderous if their guy had won. I’ve sent the latest ish to efanzines, soit should be up soon.

tony smyth said...

lose all interest in women, Chinese food and classical music? Well, classical I can easily imagine, but women and good food? Only on my deathbed, and even then with reluctance : )

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

@supergee, There's actually a note on the efanzines site that the guy is ill. But Ansible says he's recovering nicely.

@tony Classical music seems almost as essential as the other two. I suppose there's always jazz .....

Anonymous said...

Bill is feeling better, and the zine is now up at efanzines