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Sunday, July 26, 2015

But Siriusly, folks

Michael Johnson has posted a two-part series on Sirius, including alleged first contacts with creatures from Sirius (and with other extraterrestrials) and the influence of Sirius in the arts. Very interesting, so I suggest reading part one and then part two.

In the comments, Eric Wagner remarks, "I have contemplated inundating myself with Sirius inspired music and observing the results: Julius Hemphill's "Dogon A.D.", the Art Ensemble's "Sirius Calling", Stockhausen's "Sirius", etc." I am not as stout as Eric, but I would like to hear Stockhausen's "Sirius" opera, although tracking down a copy of the complete recording apparently will not be easy or inexpensive. In the meantime, you can listen to sound samples and order it from Stockhausen's website if you have about $51. At present, my only option may be YouTube. 


Anonymous said...

Starseed is a song, and album by Our Lady Peace inspired by Raine Maida's meditation/reading of The Starseed Transmissions by Ken Carey. It was used in a Hollywood film, Armageddon.

michael said...

Thanks for the nod, Tom.

I heard parts of Stockhausen's Sirius opera on the only classical music station around here, maybe a year ago. They have a show where they play 20th/21 s. avant stuff for a couple hours. A bit of sativa, some headphones, and; magic!

Stockhausen's role as influencer of other musicians seems similar to the recently passed Ornette: so fearless, so willing to break with what's acceptable by the guardians: a permanent hall pass to artistic and psychological freedom.

Sirius and artists and intellectuals and gnostic types: I don't know what's going on, but it seems clear to me that there''s much we still don't know.

chas said...

A complete (ish) compendium of Sirius inspired music, literature, art etc might make a good long blog piece...