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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Trouble at New Falcon?

Christopher Hyatt

If you follow Robert Anton Wilson's publishing history, you will know that many of his books remain in print through the efforts of New Falcon, a small press which specializes in "occult" matters. There was some sort of schism following the death of New Falcon leader Christopher Hyatt, and so now there are two publishers, Original Falcon and New Falcon. I don't pretent to know all of the details, or even many of them.

New Falcon is run by a guy named Michael Miller, who is Hyatt's son.  I have been told that it is the same Michael Miller who is in the news.  See also here.  The Los Angeles Times story is here.

UPDATE: More information here, from someone who apparently isn't a fan of Mr. Miller. If New Falcon wants to send me a statement, I will post it here.


Bobby Campbell said...


I don't know anything about anything, but that's bad news no matter how you slice it.

fyreflye said...

I wonder who actually owns the rights to the RAW books published by New/Original Falcons?

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

@fyreflye, It's always been my understanding the RAW estate does. RAW's eldest daughter, Christina Pearson, is the executor of the estate.

quackenbush said...

Tom is correct. As I understand it, New Falcon's contracts were considered null and void (and flimsy to start with) once Hyatt died. Michael Miller swept in and had Hyatt sign away the business when he was on his death bed, so Tharcher was left out in the cold. The legal grounds for both Tharcher and Miller are so flimsy that they both publish Hyatt's work. Alli signed with Tharcher and Christina Pearson signed a deal with Miller for the RAW publishing rights, so the rest is history.

Tharcher and Hyatt had New Falcon rolled into a non-profit org, the "The United States Ecclesiastical Society and Seminary" (USESS). Essentially a tax dodge and what made the legal battle that ensued between Tharcher and Miller so flimsy. It appears that Miller expanded the USESS asset portfolio since taking control from Hyatt. This juicy stuff is now getting exposure with this sting operation.... or at least that's what I take away from the conspiracy article. Good stuff. What a creep.