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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Vox on the Illuminati

Jay Z, who says he's not a member of the Illuminati. 

Vox has published an article on "9 questions about the Illuminati you were too afraid to ask." It apparently ran some time ago, but I missed it, and not being an expert on the Illuminati, it told me some things I didn't know.

One of the questions was, "Are Jay Z, Kanye West and other celebrities in the Illuminati?" and the article by Phil Edwards has this sentence, which I enjoyed: "We contacted Kanye West and Jay Z's spokesmen, but they did not return our request for comment." Yeah, I'm amazed they didn't get right back to him. Edwards notes that on previous occasions, they have both denied being members.


Anonymous said...

I am reminded of LBJ's joke about the guy who ran for sheriff by accusing the incumbent of improper relations with sheep. "We know he doesn't do it, but maybe we can get him to deny it."

Anonymous said...

Shawn Corey Carter refers to himself as amazin', not a Mason. Also, he and his wife are NOT buying the rights to a certain flag of supreme symbolism. Not sure if they denied this yet...

Anonymous said...

You never hear a conspiracy theory about the homeless guy in the street or a gang of poor children. This was my favorite sentence. It is also the best premise to begin structuring a conspiracy-based novel from, in my opinion. Bottom-up emergence is easier than top-down planning.

El Keter ben Tzadik said...

Not being a "member" of some non-existent cabal of celebrities doesn't preclude one from being "illuminated".

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