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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Bobby Campbell "meets" Alan Moore

Bobby Campbell is a fan of Alan Moore, as you can see from Bobby's art, above.

But is Alan a Bobby Campbell fan? We can only hope.

Bobby reports, "Several months ago a few of the guys from the Cosmic Trigger production crew were kind enough to offer to set up a hand delivery of a couple of my comix (Agnosis 1 & Buddhafart 1) to Alan Moore. I hadn't heard anything back for quite a long time, and had forgotten all about it, but just the other day I get word back that the delivery was recently made along w/ a few encouraging words from the man himself. 'Alan told me to tell you... ' "

I asked Bobby what the message was. "He just said thanks and that he wishes me all the best."

About that art, above: "About a year and a half ago I drew his portrait for a Cosmic Trigger event poster, listening to his lectures on youtube while I worked, and he was explaining his perspective about how art & magic are basically the same thing, so I wondered if I could turn my drawing into an Alan Moore invocation ritual.  Which of course is a very strange thing think! But hey, a year and a half later he was holding that same drawing in his hands, so who knows!?

"Nick and Scott were the super cool dudes that helped me get the comix & art to him. (I guess I shd leave it at first names to thread the needle between giving credit but not giving out personal info)."

Get your own copy of Agnosis here.  Bobby has just posted the first 12 pages of Agnosis @2. 

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