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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Antero Alli is unwell

News from Mike Gathers (in a new Substack newsletter released Monday) about Antero Alli, the filmmaker, author and Eight Circuit Model expert:

"So in search of something easier to read, I picked up Antero Alli’s latest and final book, Last Words. When he said his final book, he wasn’t kidding. Within the introduction, I was shocked to learn that Antero was recently diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, and had refused chemo, opting for quality of life over quantity, thus having months, not years left.

"In a recent podcast on his latest film, Tracer, he didn’t sound 100% to me and this offered a bit of an explanation. Although we haven’t been as close in recent years, I consider Antero a friend and mentor. His work has had a huge impact on my life, including but not limited to his heavy emphasis on embodiment. I got to spend a few days with him in January 2007 leading up to the cast and crew screening of his then latest film, The Invisible Forest, and my memories are largely of long walks around North Berkeley and a man 100% committed to his own personal integrity. You can find my 2006 interview with Antero in his book, The Eight Circuit Brain, as well as a more recent interview I had with him last year for the Hilaritas Podcast.  He’s currently releasing interviews on his YouTube channel, largely focused on his paratheatre work.

"May your final days be minimal in pain and suffering, Antero. I know you will face death as you face life, as a warrior, full of acceptance of what is."

Mike has other news and musings at the newsletter


quackenbush said...

Directly from Antero on FB:
My next and final book, "LAST WORDS ", was inspired and spurred by my recent diagnosis of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, a shock that unleashed a series of memories and images into consciousness painting a Big Picture of my life as I've known it and how I got this way. Having declined chemotherapy, I am currently in symptom management. I am at peace with my situation and am proud of this final book offering. I hope you will read it. - Antero Alli

"I’ve felt my soul enlightened and calmed by this beautifully composed and sequenced collection of meditations and revelations, this philosophical chronicle of tears and joys. What’s more, I’ve felt myself an active participant in its poems, which embody the daily journey toward insurrection; that is, authenticity, and conscious spurning of the ‘mass media waterboarding of the collective psyche."
~ William O’Daly, author of "The New Gods"
and translator of Pablo Neruda’s "Book of Twilight"

- NOW AVAILABLE from the Publisher (link below) and Amazon.

Oz Fritz said...

This is sad news indeed. I wish Anterro well for his remaining time. I plan to read Last Words.

Joseph Matheny said...

Just watched this interview, and I see Antero is carrying himself with his usual grace and dignity.