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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Robert Anton Wilson's class on Aleister Crowley

RAW biographer Prop Anon has a new post up. "Robert Anton Wilson's 2005 'Crowley 101' course" is a long post that covers seven weeks of assignments. (Instead of breaking up the assignments into separate blog posts, as in previous similar postings at his Chapel Perilous website, Prop puts them all in one place, making things easier on the reader. " I feel like it’s time to go hyper-drive with RAW related material," he explains.)

Perhaps in some fashion this material could be included in the upcoming Hilaritas book of RAW writing about Crowley?

Here is a bit I liked from Prop's post (from Week Four, "Do What Thou Wilt"):

"RAW opens with a thought about how Crowley basically told people to think for themselves and in return he was decried as a monster and or Satanist while other religious teachers tell people to think like them and they get remembered as saints. RAW asks, 'Do you see something remarkable in this?' "

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