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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Mike Gathers has a Substack

Mike Gathers, host of the Hilaritas Press podcast, host of, an Eight Circuit scholar who makes a living as a life coach, has launched a Substack newsletter, Intelligence Increase. The "What I've consumed/produced lately" issue covers articles that caught Mike's eye and also some recent pieces of his own, such as a recent essay on the hero's journey. 

In the "About" section, Mike writes:

"To specifically address the title 'Intelligence Increase,' I believe we humans have physical, emotional, conceptual, social, and spiritual dimensions to intelligence, and my interest lies in increasing, and integrating all of them as we grow, develop, and evolve our humanity.

"Along those lines, I find politics mostly boring, utterly reactionary, and the last to change. I believe change happens through technological development and entrepreneurship, and I follow those trends as closely as I can."

Speaking of Substack, I recently moved my Russian Futurism music blog over to it. 

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