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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Spud Murphy on Robert Anton Wilson's meditation techniques

A fellow in Poland who creates wood art and who writes as Spud Murphy has a new blog post up, "Robert Anton Wilson Meditation Experiment," which talks about a couple of meditation techniques Wilson talked about in a lecture. (Murphy is amused that Wilson takes credit for the "paying attention" meditation, an old Buddhism technique.)

"It revealed to me that our default operating system is that of labeling; almost all of our thoughts are in word form but by doing the second meditation we gain a great insight, we see that, actually, there’s something else going on beneath the surface level of our thoughts and that there’s another kind of consciousness that doesn’t work in words and it’s far more fundamental to what’s actually going on in our minds. It’s very deep, it’s very ancient, it’s very primordial and it’s wiser, far, far wiser than the idiot talking all the time."

I clicked on the "Robert Anton Wilson" label for the blog post and found only the one, but other topics Murphy writes about may interest RAW fans. "You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who’s into the kinda stuff I’m into who isn’t a fan of old Bob."

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Rob Pugh said...

still my favorite RAW meditation tip: "I use a combination Sufi listening exercise (which gets you into relaxation and near trance) and Bandler's mighty mantra, which you repeat every time you start going back into worry or anxiety. The mantra is slow and spaced and it says to the voice of worry, "Shut the fuck up." After a few tries you get very good at making that damned voice shut the fuck up."