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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Thursday links

 One of my favorites, too. 

Noah Smith's recommendations for science fiction novels. Based on the books I know, this is a very good list, although I'm not as excited by Bujold and he missed Iain Banks and Ada Palmer. Still, maybe the best list of this sort I've run across for science fiction. 

Texas doctor prosecuted for "crime" of not wasting vaccine. One of those stories that makes me wonder why there aren't more libertarians. 

Sorry, but the Zoom cat lawyer is a total asshole. 

Where are the pro-vaccine protests? 

Sadly, Ted Cruz was right and Andrea Mitchell (who has a degree in English literarure) was wrong. 


Eric Wagner said...

Thank you for sharing these. Yes, Mr. Cruz has a good education.

Heinlein's centrality to the world of science fictions seems to have diminished. This seems in part due to the lack of quality film adaptations of his work.

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

Heinlein does pop up in the "honorable mentions" at the end. And as one comment notes, one weakness of Noah's list is a lack of British writers. No Banks, no Arthur C. Clarke, no Brian Aldiss, to name three omissions that seem obvious to me.

supergee said...

The problem is that sf (which one reads) has been pushed out of the way by sci-fi (which one watches).