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Friday, February 19, 2021

RAW Semantics on RAW's 'matrist-patrist' analysis

George Lakoff (Creative Commons photo)

RAW Semantics has a new blog post up that discusses Robert Anton Wilson's use of the matrist/patrist -- oral/anal archetype used in three different books (Ishtar Rising, Coincidance and Prometheus Rising), the work by G. Rattray Taylor that RAW drew on, similar discussion by George Lakoff and how these concepts can be applied to offer contrasting views on the state providing welfare benefits. In this case, there is no one "nut graph" I can quote summarizing all this, so I'll just suggest you read it. 

You can also read Michael Johnson's 2016 blog post that inspired Brian, which now has been updated to link back to Brian. If Michael is updating his old blog posts, maybe we can talk him into writing new ones? 

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