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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

PQ's horrible year

PQ's dog, Roa

If you missed it, PQ has a blog entry up about 2020 at his A Building Roam blog. 

As in past years, "Life and Death During the Pandemic Era" talks about what Peter  read and wrote during the last year and there's even a section on his dog, although sports talk is notably absent. But the bulk of the piece is a moving description of friends who died last year (not all of the deaths seem to be directly related to the pandemic.)

With all that stuff going on, I lost three friends in the pandemic year, three people I liked and connected with, funny people who made me laugh, three people who, going into 2020, I did not at all consider I might never see again or that they might not live to see 2021. From the shock of those deaths I spent much of the past year in a state of grieving. It's been difficult to process it all, felt like painful debts accumulated because how can we pay due respects to the dead when we can't gather to honor their memories in wakes or funerals?

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PQ said...

Thanks for sharing this Tom. 2020 was rough indeed! Was weird how many friends of mine died. The whole year it felt like there was a traffic jam up on the road to the afterlife.

I'm grateful to be healthy though, and my immediate family has been doing okay during the pandemic. I stay counting my blessings every day.

I came across a quote recently that resonated with me, it's a attributed to Kierkegaard, I read it in the notes of Delmore Schwartz:
"The love of God is repentance. The greater the freedom, the greater the guilt---this is one of the secrets of blessedness."

Relatively speaking, I've been extremely fortunate, especially during this pandemic. I have a woman, a house, a job, a puppy, and I'm healthy. Can't ask for much more than that.