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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

John Higgs on the KLF

"The KLF come out of retirement for 23 minutes to make an appearance as 2K." (Promotional photo via Wikipedia.)

In his latest email newsletter, John Higgs draws from the ideas of William Blake and Robert Anton Wilson to offer a theory on why the KLF have released a new compilation on the various streaming services, given the band's past history, such as deleting its back catalogue.

"The KLF’s abandonment of what they used to stand for can be seen as the dropping of their own mind-forged manacles and a return to the limitless liberation that their music was always about," John suggests.

John also announced he's appearing on Robin Ince's online show and describes his new real estate holdings in Tasmania. 

More here. 

1 comment:

BFHN said...

Great timing Tom, even though the newsletter is dated from the first of this month, the KLF released something again just today :

Come Down Dawn, a rework of the classic album Chill Out.
Cool choice of picture as well. This particular performance is amazing.
"F*ck the millenium, we want it now!"