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Saturday, February 27, 2021

New issue of Bodge released

The second issue of Bodge, the Discordian zine put out by the Liverpool Arts Lab, has been released. Go here to download a free PDF or to order a paper copy.

The format is the same as the first issue: Each contributor gets one page. My favorite when I made a first pass through the new issue was by Kate Alderton, the British actress who has been working with dreams. She has a lovely "dream seeding recipe" and I intend to try it. (I keep wondering if she has read either of two wonderful science fiction stories about dreams: The Dream Master by Roger Zelazny, also known as "He Who Shapes," and Brian Aldiss' story "Journey to the Heartland," reprinted in Aldiss' collection Last Orders.) There were other contributions I liked, too. Check it out! 

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Iain Spence said:

Thank you for posting up the link. And thank you to the magazine team. I really liked the short bio of John Layard. Like so many people, I often wondered how he managed to survive his head injury. I had no idea that he’d actually walked to a friend’s house for help. Layard’s The Lady of the Hare is my favourite book on hares.