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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Wednesday links

Artwork of Robert Anton Wilson posted on Twitter by Andy Paciorek. From a book in progress, 'The Mirror Obsidian. Visionaries. Cultists. Witches. Occultists.'

February Eris of the Month

Lawrence Ferlinghetti to turn 101.

Erik Davis event in Los Angeles. It must be nice to live in a part of the country that has such events.

Scott Alexander on COVID-19. 

Tyler Cowen on COVID-19.


Unknown said...

Sorry, not related to the actual post (good links tho!). Had to share my synchronistic bombshell. I've been hugely influenced by RAW's work over the past 6 years. The influence has been nothing short of transformative. I seem to be going through another 'transformative influence' phase now after having finally begun to understand Buddhism. RAW introduced me to it and I've traveled down a whole windy road and arrived at someone named Douglas Harding. Have any of you heard of him?

Anyways, I'm lying in bed last night thinking...gee, I wonder if RAW ever mentioned Harding. There seems to be some really esoteric overlap. When I google it, instead of seeing any lifetime connection between the two, I learn that they both passed away on 1/11/07.

What the heck?!

supergee said...

I love On Having No Head and recommend it to one and all.