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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Maybe Quarterly recovered

At the Maybe Logic blog, Bogus Magus has a big announcement:

When the Maybe Logic Academy ran, under Bob's direction, we evolved this as a student blog, and that led to us creating a magazine, Maybe Quarterly, which ran for 14 online editions, and one actual paper copy.

The magazine got stored on the academy server, so when that failed, we lost everything, and all the links here, to material contained, got broken.  I decided to rescue what I could, using the Internet Archive (The Wayback Machine).  I found most of the contents, although some images have gone missing (presumably stored elsewhere), and inevitably some links don't work.

You will find some amazing contributions, however, so I will launch this post, and probably finesse it as time goes by (linking to individual articles, etc).  You should be able to read the magazine in sequence, using the "Next" button at the foot of the page, or click on the index on the first page(s) to go to specific content.   I will add authors later.

More here.

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