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Friday, June 8, 2018

Video tribute to Timothy Leary

Where in the Universe is Timothy Leary? by the late German digital artist Brummbaer apparently has been available on YouTube since 2013, but it was new to me when I found out about it this week, and so possibly it will be new to you, too. It's an excellent tribute to Leary and  you should take eight minutes to watch it if you haven't seen it already. When you see the credits at the end, you will notice that Rasa helped with the sound and with music.

After Brummbaer died, his friends Rasa, Bastian and Marlis scattered his ashes on Mount Shasta in California, watch Rasa's video.

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Rasa said...

Maybe Brummbaer was a little too humble to mention it, but The Timothy Leary Trust (The Futique Trust) funded the making of this video. In the credits, Brummbaer just says thanks to "Denis for the financial help." Denis is Denis Berry, Trustee of the Futique Trust.