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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

A 'Finnegans Wake' Pantheon

Two Finnegans Wake fans mentioned in PQ's piece: Joseph Campbell and Jean Erdman, in 1939 or so.

PQ has a new blog post up, The Pantheon of FINNEGANS WOKE (or Why Read Finnegans Wake? Testimonials from Famous Wakeans) which chronicles the various famous writers, musicians, critics etc. who have been fans of James Joyce's book. Robert Anton Wilson is one of the writers cited, and in fact part of an interview with RAW inspired PQ to write the paper that he turned onto a blog post. PQ is inviting folks to add others in the comments, and I've already chipped in.


supergee said...

James Blish made a question from Finnegans Wake a plot element in A Case of Conscience.

chas said...

Any consensus around here on “the best” edition of FW?