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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

RAW mentioned in article about "Roseanne"

Roseanne Barr (Creative Commons photo) 

As every American knows, and probably large numbers of people elsewhere, the ABC network in the U.S. recently canceled the "Roseanne" TV show after the star sent out an apparently racist Tweet. I won't get into the chatter on Twitter about whether she knew the person she was Tweeting about was black, whether we should allow she is mentally ill, etc.

I mention all this only because in a May 29 article by Eric Karnes on The Blemist website, there's this paragraph:

"Barr was obviously over the line, but she’s been saying crazy bullshit on Twitter for ages. She’s been pushing this insane QAnon conspiracy theory about… I saw a chart posted by one of the people who believes it and Atlantis was on it. Atlantis. Somehow it has something to do with Hillary Clinton protecting pedophiles in the basement of a building that doesn’t have a basement, but by way of Atlantis. It’s basically the newest face of the old Illuminati conspiracy, but without the winking and laughing coat of paint Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson gave it in the 70s with The Illuminatus! Trilogy."

I guess what's interesting is that Eric thought enough of his audience would recognize the reference. 

Hat tip: @advantardeodus on Twitter.

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