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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

War on some drugs update


Antje M. Barreveld

A Cato Institute guy I follow on Twitter, Jeffrey Singer, has done excellent work revealing how what RAW called the "War on some drugs" has actually made the opioid crisis worse, increasing deaths by shifting people from pain pills (which are admittedly dangerous) to heroin and fentanyl (which are much more dangerous). He has also warned that refusing to give pain medication to people with severe, chronic pain can lead to bad consequences.

Via his Twitter, I found this article, "As a pain specialist, I may have caused more harm by underprescribing opioids," by a pain specialist, Dr. Antje M. Barreveld, and I suggest taking a couple of minutes to read it. Dr. Barreveld knows that pain pills can be dangerous and says other therapies should be tried first, but she also says there are cases where powerful pain pills must be used. (She describes one patient she had who killed himself when he didn't get the medication and apparently could no longer take the pain). Please check out the article. You can follow her on Twitter, too. 

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