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Sunday, April 24, 2022

New Hilaritas podcast on James Joyce drops

Following the usual schedule, the Hilaritas Press podcast released its James Joyce podcast on April 23, yesterday. It's available at the Hilaritas Press website  and at Podbean, Apple, Google Spotify and TuneIn.

James Joyce expert Loic Wright is featured. This is a podcast I've really been looking forward to. 


Oz Fritz said...

Excellent recap and lots of amazing, interesting anecdotes about a master of language.

Rasa said...

I've been so impressed by Mike and Ryan's work on the podcast. One of the lasting impressions that delight most RAW fans is RAW's erudite promotion of these amazing people who inspired him so greatly. Mike's demeanor & intelligence makes these deep dives both enjoyable and valuable. So many podcasts are simply one or two people blabbing on, and it seems like a lot of time is spent on trivialities. Mike and Ryan has set a high bar for podcast integrity.