Thursday, April 28, 2022

R. U. Sirius releases 'unrecorded lyrics' collection

"Fake Album Cover" for Infinite Gesture by Jay Cornell. Please see this amazing art project

R.U. Sirius -- writer, Mondo 2000 founder and editor, musician, Timothy Leary friend and collaborator, Robert Anton Wilson expert, website founder, etc. -- has just published Infinite Gesture — 21 Lyrics in Search of Music

It's a nice set. As you might guess from the title, there's plenty of sly wordplay, and a lot of humor (see, for example, "Deleuze Guittari Gnash & Jung") but there are also some grim moments, too. I don't want to harsh my mellow by thinking too much about a new one, "Vertigo & World War 3," which I hope isn't prophetic, so instead here's a favorite of mine:

Ignore  (2020)

                                      Out of boredom or torpor
                                      The trending thing is so soporific
                                      & your beauty & the moonlight is so terrific
                                      So ignore

                                      Every Marie Kondo urging you pep talk
                                      Every ugly rumor about Johnny Depp
                                      Just ignore

                                      & when you’re stuck in traffic
                                      Some MAGA wearing a leather jacket
                                      Some argument that trades logic for static

                                      And if everybody else lost the plot
                                      & you ask are they really alive or not
                                      Just lay yourself down on the cot
                                      Have some whiskey & a little pot

                                      & ignore 

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