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Saturday, April 9, 2022

Eight Circuit resources on YouTube

Some suggestions from Mike Gathers, who has written about the Eight Circuits model of consciousness and is the host of the Hilaritas Press podcasts.

Mike has two suggestions. One is to watch the 8 Circuit Cafe series on YouTube. The first episode is above.

"I think they do a good job," Mike comments. "The last episode focused on the 3 sub-stages of the circuits and I really enjoyed it.   Not much original or innovative, but a good discussion on what's been written by Leary-Wilson-Alli."

Mike also recomments the Sit With It videos on YouTube. I've linked to the channel's playlists.

"This channel has some really interesting stuff blending his yoga practice with upper circuit exploration and bringing in some solid modern psychology and neuroscience into the lower circuits," Mike explains. "(Three different playlists - full talk, highlights, and core ideas....)"

Mike hopes to post his own videos soon, based on his Maybe Day writings of the last two years. 

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