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Friday, April 1, 2022

A topic of RAW interest: Ending human suffering

 Prop Anon is working on a biography of Robert Anton Wilson that will be published by Strange Attractor Press. I don't have a publication date yet (I recently asked), but when there is one, it will be announced on this blog.

In the meantime, Prop has shared an interesting tidbit on Twitter: "One of the last ideas that Robert Anton Wilson got into before he died in 2007 was the paper 'The Hedonistic Imperative' by David Pearce

"Here's a quick video about it."

For your convenience, I have embedded the video (about seven minutes) into this post; David Pearce explains that humans could be altered biologically to end all possibility of suffering and to enabled alternative states of mind.

More at this website.  There's a lot of material there, you can also read a Wikipedia biography of David Pearce.  His book, The Hedonist Imperative, apparently can be read online at the official website; it also is available free as a Kindle ebook. 

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