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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Whistleblower gets 45 months for revealing America kills innocent children



A whisteblower, Daniel Hale, has received 45 months in prison for leaking documents showing how America kills small children and other innocents as part of its "war on terror."

Here is Reason Magazine's coverage.  "Hale is yet another case where the federal government has used espionage laws not to punish spies who reveal classified information to our country's enemies, but to punish people who reveal the government's unethical and illegal behavior to our country's own citizens."

The New York Times.  "As his service continued, Mr. Hale became increasingly convinced that the war in Afghanistan had little to do with preventing terrorist attacks in the United States, especially as he witnessed children inadvertently killed in strikes gone wrong, he wrote."

You can read Hale's letter to the judge

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