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Saturday, July 24, 2021

More Maybe Day news

Bobby Campbell in New Jersey, evidently a magical place, pulls up participants on Zoom for the Maybelogues panel discussion, featuring panelists from all over the world. 

Maybe Day yesterday included the release of a huge zine and videos and other material at Bobby Campbell's Maybe Day site, but it wasn't the only news. (Maybe Day, celebrated on July 23, is the big annual holiday for Robert Anton Wilson fans.)

The Liverpool Arts Lab released the new issue of Bodge. Adam Gorightly posted a link to a list of Discordian holidays.  In the Camden Benares list, it seems, July 23 is not Maybe Day. It is Jack Slack Day, "Jack Slack is honored this day for his work in guru liberation, liberating gurus from their mistaken beliefs that they are channels for liberation."

Apuleius Charlton did a long post on Maybe Day for his Ishtar Rising discussion group. The posts and the comments have been really interesting and you should check them out. 

The big PDF download of New Trajectories #2 at the Maybe Day site is kind of a one-stop shop to everything Bobby released Friday; the 119-page zine, "powered by the negative entropy of Maybe Logic!", has links to all of  the videos and other publications, I noticed as I went through the zine last night. 

The Maybelogues live panel discussion, two hours and 13 minutes, also took place on Zoom yesterday; you can watch the recording on YouTube.

All hail Bobby Campbell for his enormous positive energy in putting much of this together. When he sent me the proof of my piece for the zine (on the influence of Robert Anton Wilson on the libertarian SF writer L. Neil Smith) I was amazed how great it looked. Bobby and his artists did a wonderful job making the zine look good; it must have been a great deal of work. 

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