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Sunday, July 25, 2021

New Trajectories: Notes on the Artists

One of the Leosaysays artworks in New Trajectories.

I'm still reading New Trajectories issue No. 2, the massive zine published by Bobby Campbell for Maybe Day. I'm enjoying the articles, but I am also really impressed by the artwork. 

Here are a few notes on the artists:

The cover is by Jake Giddens. He is a freelance illustrator based in Portland, Oregon, visit his official site to see more of his work. "My art combines traditional art styles with a fun, playful vibrance. Often drawing inspiration from Japanese woodblock prints, medieval paintings, Persian drawings, comic books, fable storybooks and contemporary children’s textiles."

Leosaysays is an artist and illustrating from Nottingham, England. He also has an attractive official site. "Leosaysays is the creative moniker of Rob Manners, an Artist, Illustrator, Tarot reader and UKCP reg. Psychotherapist ( working in Nottingham, UK."

The Zendrites comics are a collaboration between Mike Clinton and Ken Condon; more information here. I believe Mr. Condon is the excellent comics artist, his drawing of Atlantis in the comic is worth a long look. 

Bobby Campbell is an artist and comics producer based in New Jersey. Please see his Weirdoverse web site. Follow him on Twitter.

You will know Rasa  for  his work for the RAW Trust and Hilaritas Press, but you can learn more about him at his official professional site, Pelorian Digital. 

"Richard Rasa was born in Washington DC on January 7th, 1952. He traveled overland from Europe to India at age 17, and studied sitar with Amiya Bhattacharya in the city of Benaras. A few years later, living in Germany, he played guitar and sitar with the Jazz/Rock group Sweet Smoke, recording for EMI records and touring in Germany, Holland and France. He studied music at Berklee College of Music in Boston, and obtained a BA degree in multimedia communications at Hampshire College, Amherst, Massachusetts. Following his curiosity and supported by good karma and a healthy immune system, he has lived and traveled in 38 countries on four of the planet's continents. Rasa says 'currently my left brain dominates my digital work, while my right brain plays sitar with Starseed.' Rasa is the founder and owner of Pelorian Digital Graphic and Website Design, Consulting, and Artist Representation. Rasa is also the Meta-Programming Director for the Robert Anton Wilson Trust, working to promote Pope Bob's books and ideas. In addition to entertaining the staff of Pelorian Digital with impromptu mini-concerts, Rasa authors much of the content of this website."

Many of the writers in New Trajectories also are artists (or musicians, or bloggers, or ...) Eva David for example illustrated her article herself. 

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Anonymous said...

Iain Spence:

Hi everyone,
Thank you to Bobby and the artists for making this such a visual treat. Collaboration can be great fun at times. Nice to hear about the possible Hilaritas podcast on the zoom meeting. I still miss Zach Leary's podcast of recent times.