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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

RAW interview posted on YouTube


A 1995 episode of the public TV show "Thinking Allowed," with an interview, about 28 minutes long, of Robert Anton Wilson by Jeffrey Mishlove.

RAW biographer Prop Anon explains on Twitter: "Jeffrey Mishlove just re-released his interview w RAW from back in the dayo. Until now, only bits of it were on the Web. Props to Mishlove for putting their convo out there again!"


Jesse said...

Given the references to Bush, Perot, and "Jerry Brown's flat tax"—and given what book he's promoting—I'd say this is from 1992, not 1995.

Spookah said...

I just love Thinking Allowed and Jeffrey Mishlove. And Jeffrey is still doing a New Thinking Allowed which consist of online talks. I like his genuine interest and open mindedness towards the people he's interviewing.