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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Notes on the Alan Moore interview

One more blog post that mentions the Alan Moore interview by John Higgs (and Daisy Campbell) posted above.

If you are interested in RAW, this interview is pretty much a must-watch; it is very focused on RAW. If you are like me, it's hard to get around to listening to a lot of podcasts and watching a lot of videos; it is much more efficient of my time to read. But I really like this video, about 44 minutes long.

Moore names his favorite RAW books (and also is vary familiar, I noticed, with one of my favorites, Cosmic Trigger 2.) He describes an amazing experience in company with Steve Moore (I don't want to give it away). He reveals that he never actually met RAW. (Does anyone know if RAW ever mentioned reading Alan Moore?) 

He discusses his theory that there is little difference between art and magick, commenting, "By manipulating language, you can manipulate consciousness," and "On a neurological level, you can alter reality." (Compare with RAW in the "Note" at the beginning of Email to the Universe: "This book intends to change your way of perceiving/conceiving  the world, without drugs or drums of Voodoo, simply by using words in certain special ways.")

And at the end, Moore reads a poem he wrote in tribute to RAW. 


Rarebit Fiend said...

As far as I can tell, as someone obsessed with both men, RAW had not read Alan Moore. RAW doesn't generally talk about comics which was what Moore was known for up until Wilson's death. Reading or listening to Moore's Unearthing gives an even better account of the experience and a biography of Steve.

Andrew said...

In a 2001 interview a man asks RAW if he's ever read Alan Moore but RAW never answers that direct question. While the man goes on and compares V for Vendetta and Illuminatus the only thing RAW answers to his question is that Plagiarism is the 'sincerest form of flattery'; in comparison to Illuminatus and V for Vendetta.

Prop Anon said...

As far as my research goes, I never saw any evidence that Bob any Alan Moore
He did not seem to be into the graphic novel genre
I don't think he read many, if any, comics as an adult

BFHN said...

Anyone interested in Alan Moore might want to check out this interview:

It is long (2h15), but the level definitely is up there. Alan elaborates more on subjects touched in the Higgs video, and the interviewer really knows what she's talking about, it's a pleasure to listen to them both chat.