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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Bobby Campbell's Patreon account rolling out the goodies


Activity has been picking up at Bobby Campbell's Weirdoverse Patreon account. As a promo for new and existing subscribers, he is soon shipping out a Discordian God Card, a cosmic button and an Erisian Tarot card. Bobby recently published Omnibus 777 #2, the ongoing collected works of digital comic books by Bobby and his collaborators; the new additions this time are Meet the Others, New Trajectories, Psychonaut Comix #2 and Mulligans Wake, along with a work in progress, Buddhafart #2

But part of the point of the Omnibus is to make sure you get publications you might have missed, so it also includes Weird Comix #0, Rejected, Weird Comix #1, Daze of Future Pastime,  and the Dream@Wake_Sutra sequence, 1. Agnosis! Book One, 2. Buddhafart Book One, 3. Agnosis! Book Two, with two other comics coming soon.

New episodes of the Dream@Wake_Sutra resume on April 4, and Bobby is planning to do weekly posts into the summer and beyond. His membership rates for Patreon are inexpensive. More information here. 

Other Patreon accounts of interest to RAW fans include the new Prop Anon account  and Steve Fly's Patreon account. 

1 comment:

Bobby Campbell said...

Thanks so much for the signal boost, Tom!

Hoping to produce some worthwhile additions to the Discordian mythos in the very near future :)))

Your support is always very much appreciated!