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Sunday, March 14, 2021

'Australia is a Real Country. FALSE'

The Discordian zine "Intermittens" has been revived, and you can download your copy in various formats. It is issue No. 11, and the title has returned after a 10-year absence.

My headline references the zine article "Five  True Facts" by Elwood P. Dobbs and Pip, and one of the "true facts" is that Australia does not really exist: "If Australia existed, it would be on the bottom of the planet and all the Aussies would fall off. Which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing."

Hey, I would miss Brenton Clutterbuck. 

Hat tip: Fuckup Solutions, LLC, PPOE, DDD, KLF, LMNOP on Twitter. 


1 comment:

wcsg said...

Do you mean Australia the country or Australia the continent?