Friday, March 20, 2020

COVID-19 links [UPDATED]

CDC illustration of COVID-19 virus

Today's post is an updated version of my COVID-19 links.

A briefing on COVID-19. The document is being periodically updated.

New York Times COVID-19 coverage. The New York Times has removed the paywall for its COVID-19 coverage. Many other newspapers have adopted a similar policy. See this link.

ProPublica. The public interest news site is never behind a paywall and has good COVID-19 coverage.

CDC on proper handwashing (important, see for example this MIT study).

The Johns Hopkins dashboard tracking cases. 

The CDC's COVID-19 page.

The World Health Organization COVID-19 page.

Erie County Health Department (lots of additional resources.)

I've also created a COVID-19 list on Twitter, featuring people who Tweet a lot about it and who seem informed. I am also mostly Tweeting COVID-19 for the duration of the emergency (@jacksontom).

A little levity from Scott Adams, to cheer you up!

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tony smyth said...

Here's a link to some of what I have written about Corona for Quora.