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Sunday, March 7, 2021

COVID-19 links [UPDATED AGAIN] and editorial

CDC illustration of COVID-19 virus

EDITORIAL: I thought it would update this post one more time; I visit this link collection nearly every day because of my job, and perhaps some of you will find it useful, too. I have eliminated many links that seemed redundant, but added a couple of vaccination links recently. The CDC COVID-19 link below has improved in particular and offers a one-stop shop to check on cases and how vaccinations are going. A table lets you check numbers for each U.S. state. 

I recently criticized the FDA and (by extension) the Biden administration but in fairness I should observe that that Biden administration has done a good job of ramping up vaccinations, particularly if you compare the U.S. with most other countries. Noah Smith wrote about this on Feb. 15, and his post has dated well; things continue to improve.  For that matter, Operation Warp Speed was almost certainly the main really good thing Donald Trump did in response to the pandemic. There you go, two political opinions; have I offended everyone yet?

I got a Moderna shot Saturday. Vaccinations for people my age opened up in Ohio only Thursday, so I got my shot as quickly as I could. My follow up has been set up in four weeks. (I'll do what they told me to do, although I believe a "first doses first" policy to vaccinate as many people as possible would be a good idea, with second doses postponed a couple of months.)  Among the RAW community, Eric Wagner and Arthur Hlavaty have publicly revealed they've obtained a vaccination. I oppose mandatory vaccination, but in my opinion everyone should try to obtain a vaccination as soon as possible, unless medical reasons suggest not, of course. I have spent many hours reading about the vaccines. All three vaccines seem excellent; here is an article I wrote on the subject. It appears most people will only have to try to stay safe for a few more weeks.

Whether you agree with my opinions or not, I wish everyone well and I hope you will find these links useful. Regular programming will resume tomorrow. 

COVID Act Now (good data)

New York Times COVID-19 coverage. The New York Times has removed the paywall for its COVID-19 coverage. (I hope that's still true; I subscribe, so it's hard to check.)

CDC on proper handwashing (important, see for example this MIT study).

Wearing a mask also is a good idea. 

Johns Hopkins tracking site.

Erie County Health Department (lots of additional resources.)

Scott Gottlieb on Twitter (good way to get the latest trends from a relatively nonpolitical source.)

A little levity from Scott Adams, to cheer you up!


tony smyth said...

Here's a link to some of what I have written about Corona for Quora.

Barry Weave said...

I found this website a useful resource on covid

Also the book virus mania from 2007 is very prescient ! A google search should bring up the pdf.