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Friday, January 24, 2020

Site that attacks 'fake news' mentions RAW

Pope Francis, who apparently does not get instructions from the Illuminati (Creative Commons photo), a site that purports to combat "fake news," has a recent story that mentions Robert Anton Wilson but gets its facts wrong.

"Fake News: Pope Did NOT Bow Down To The Order Of The Illuminati, Kiss Feet And Hands" was posted Monday.

Kind of disappointing news, but that's what the site says. "The Pope kissed the feet of once-warring Sudanese leaders in the hopes of urging them not to return to a civil war. The video being shared contained false captions and ascribed the actions to a 'secret world government' conspiracy theory that has long been proven false," the site's article explains.

"As the BBC noted in 2017, the Illuminati conspiracy theory was created by a couple of authors, Robert Anton Wilson and Kerry Thornley, who wanted to force people to question their own realities," the article goes on to add.

Of course, this is false; as anyone who had read Illuminatus! knows, conspiracy theories about the Illuminati were not suddenly invented in the 1970s by Wilson and Robert Shea (or Kerry Thornley). Maybe another hoax debunking site needs to run a piece correcting

Hat tip, Nick Helweg-Larsen

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