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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Happy anniversary to Boing Boing

Mark Frauenfelder (Creative Commons photo)

Few organizations have been as supportive of Robert Anton Wilson and his fandom as Boing Boing, first a zine, then a magazine and now a long-running blog/website. The very first issue of the original fanzine, which you can read here, contained an interview with RAW by Mark Frauenfelder and Carla Sinclair. RAW was interviewed and discussed in subsequent issues (see this archive.)

The zine evolved into my favorite magazine (once, when it had gone months between issues, I was so upset I called the phone number listed in it and talked to a young woman -- Carla? -- who told me "Mark" had been busy working on a Billy Idol album) and then a blog.

Mark penned a memoir a few days ago, describing the early days of Boing Boing and how it evolved.  "It's incredible to me that Boing Boing still has the original band line-up. I’m always excited to see what my co-editors post every day, and Boing Boing remains my favorite place on the Web, because I love their points of view," he wrote.

See also Mark's contribution to the RAW revival, the numerous posts for "Robert Anton Wilson Week" at Boing Boing in 2012 (which actually lasted for more than a week.)

Mark is a member of the RAW Trust Advisors, called upon from time to time by Rasa to offer advice.

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