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Monday, January 27, 2020

RAW fan recommends Japanese anime show

North American DVD cover for Serial Experiments Lain. 

Comics industry news site recently ran an article on an anime show, Serial Experiments Lain, listing 10 reasons why it is a must watch horror anime show. Reason number 9 listed by writer Cody McIntosh caught my eye:

The work of Dr. Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson is incredibly important to modern society, but not nearly as important as it was to the countercultural movements of the 60s. Leary and Wilson were famous for their public use of LSD and other psychedelic drugs, although Leary was much more vocal about those and Wilson was more interested in the use of magical techniques for creating lasting changes in the hardware of the brain, to as he would put it "Change the way that the software is processed".

Originally their metaphors were more grounded in the vocabulary of magicians like Aleister Crowley and Georges Gurdjieff, but as the future came and the limits of human knowledge expanded at an exponential rate, they took their language from linguistics, science fiction and the ever-shifting world of computer science.

Here is more on the show. from a Wikipedia article that says it explores "themes such as reality, identity and communication through philosophy, computer history, cyberpunk literature and conspiracy theory."

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