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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

More on Daisy's new book

Above is Rasa's cover for Pigspurt's Daughter, the new book by Daisy Campbell (I bought my copy yesterday.)

The book has an introduction by John Higgs; a Tweet from Hilaritas Press quotes from it, so maybe I can quote a little bit:

"The second type [of the two types of magical people] are people who just are magical, and there's not a damn thing that they can do about it. Their lives are a constant parade of unbelievable and impossible situations. Synchronicities compete for their attention. The world bends itself into unnatural positions, in order to better reflect their own mental landscape. Their lives are constantly, intently magical, and they just put up with it as best they can.

"The author of this play, Daisy Campbell, is this second type of person."

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