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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Breaking news: Daisy Campbell! Grant Morrison!

A new RAW Trust newsletter from Rasa, with real news:

New Daisy Campbell book

"Hilaritas Press is absolutely delighted to present our second non-RAW title with the publication of Daisy Eris Campbell's mind-bending monologue, Pigspurt's Daughter. To accompany the run of the play, Daisy printed a booklet containing the play's monologue. After getting that booklet in the mail, and reading the whole play in one sitting, I was convinced that Daisy's writing would wonderfully add to the titles in the collection at Robert Anton Wilson's publishing house, Hilaritas Press. Daisy loved the idea and asked writer John Higgs to compose an introduction. Meanwhile, we assembled two dozen photographs from the performance (and a few other places), making Pigspurt's Daughter our first full color book. As a cool extra, we've also included a review of the play written by Jason Watkins. Jason's review won the Observer/Anthony Burgess Prize for Arts Journalism 2019."

Buy here (Kindle $9.99, paperback $15.23). More information. 

Grant Morrison writes piece for new Ishtar Rising

(Releasing a lot of pent-up news, Rasa also announces Grant Morrison has written an essay for the new edition of Robert Anton Wilson's Ishtar Rising, out soon from Hilaritas Press. Rasa, from the newsletter:)

Almost two years ago I got a connection to Grant Morrison (New York Times best-selling author, Comics Legend, Chaos Magician, creator of The Invisibles and other great graphic novels), and I asked him if he would be interested in writing a Foreword or Afterword for one of our upcoming RAW editions. He was interested, and so I sent him a list of the books we are republishing. I had an idea of which book he might think would be obvious for him, but I didn't suggest a particular book. He wrote back:

"The obvious one is Sex, Drugs and Magic but I might also consider Ishtar Rising as I've been working on Wonder Woman for the last couple of years and the concept of the 'goddess' - and the rise of female power in the Aeon of Ma'at as Kenneth Grant might describe it - has been on my mind a lot and may yield some interesting insights."

He did settle on Ishtar Rising, and his insightful essay, included in our new edition, seems to well reflect his meditations on the goddess. Here's a taste of Grant's essay:

"Ishtar sets out to interrogate a culture whose denial and repression of the breast, and by extension motherhood, the Milk of Human Kindness, womanhood and femininity in all its expressions, is a breeding ground for essentially Fascistic repression, judgmental censoriousness and a profound lack of empathy — what Wilson describes as fundamentally patrist attitudes.

"In place of the armored hard body of Corporate Man, that modern exemplar of successful sociopathic toxic masculinity, Wilson offers a matrist vision of oceanic orgasms, Free Love, Tantric sex, common sense, and boundless creativity."

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