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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Update on 'Straight Outta Dublin'

Trinity College in Dublin. Stephen Bergin photo from

I really liked An Insider's Guide to Robert Anton Wilson by Eric Wagner, so I like to ask Eric every once in awhile how he's coming along on Straight Outta Dublin, his work in progress which explores James Joyce and Joyce's influence on RAW. Eric reports, "I continue working on Straight Outta Dublin. I finished rereading Coincidance and Quantum Psychology and I wrote a short chapter on the former. I've begun reading Ulysses cover to cover for the twelfth time, and I have begun working through Dubliners along with two books of commentary. I read Lacan's book on Joyce as well as Brivic's recent book on Irish literature. I continue my Finnegans Wake club at the high school which gives me insight into Joyce and Wilson. The club has begun its twentieth year." (Eric is an English teacher in California.) He hopes to finish a rough draft by 11/23/2018. 

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Thanks for this post - great photo!