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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Hilaritas releases 'RAW Art'

Breaking news from Hilaritas Press: The publishing imprint of the Robert Anton Wilson trust has just released RAW Art: The Illustrated Lives and Ideas of Robert Anton Wilson by artist Bobby Campbell. It's available as a Kindle and in paperback. I'll buy my copy as soon as I finish this blog post.

The word from Richard Rasa, co-publisher at Hilaritas Press:

"Dear friends,

"Bobby Campbell not only flew across the country to attend RAW DAY, he brought with him a box of newly printed full color copies of his RAW ART: The Illustrated Lives and Ideas of Robert Anton Wilson. An amazing spirit of amor, hilaritas and beneficentia (generosity) filled the day, and Bobby certainly had all three, giving away copies of RAW ART while joyfully trading RAW stories with fellow psychonauts.

"Bobby had printed up the box of RAW ART himself, just to give away at RAW DAY. After spending less than a minute looking through the book, it was not a hard decision to ask Bobby to become the first non-Bob author to be published by Hilaritas Press. We did have an informal policy that we would not publish any new authors until we had republished all 19 of our planned RAW reissues, but Bobby having a finished book that would fit so nicely on a shelf with our RAW publications just seemed like too sweet of a coincidance."

More here.

1 comment:

Eric Wagner said...

I cannot wait to get a copy. I love Bobby’s work. California has even changed its laws to facilitate enjoyment of this text.