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Sunday, December 3, 2017

RAW Day videos posted

Ted Hand's photo of the "first daughters," Christina Pearson and Daisy Campbell. 

All of the videos made by Andrew J. O'Keefe -- thank you, Mr. O'Keefe -- have now been posted at the RAW Trust website. 

Seven full length videos: (1) "Hippie physicist" Nick Herbert and RAW Trust "metaprogramming director" Richard Rasa; (2) Adam Gorightly, Discordian historian and author; (3) Ferdinando, "magic experience designer"; (4) R.U. Sirius, author, Mondo 2000 founder, musician, Timothy Leary friend and biographer, etc. etc.; (5) Erik Davis, author and journalist and podcaster; (6) Daisy Eris Campbell, producer and director of the Cosmic Trigger play; (7) Christina Pearson, RAW's daughter, trustee of RAW Trust, also (8) "Multiple Realities," an interview Rasa made, consisting of intercut interviews with Sirius, Branka Tesla and himself. All of this documents "RAW Day" in Santa Cruz, Calif., on July 23, 2017.

Don't miss the photos and notes Rasa also posted.

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