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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Flying Lasagna Enterprises launches

The RAW Trust has launched Flying Lasagna Enterprises, an emporium to sell Robert Anton Wilson related merchandise. Check it out. 

There are T-shirts, coffee mugs, candles and so on, but the signature product highlighted in the announcement about the site are pendants that replicate Robert Anton Wilson's spiral ring. (See illustration above.)  From Rasa's announcement:

"The sterling silver pendants are beautifully crafted and include all of Bob's original 'karmic impressions.' Each unique pendant is hand-stamped on the back with the word "maybe" and the number of the pendant – 1 through 100. The price is $123 – including Free USPS Priority Flat Rate domestic and international shipping. The pendants will be sold in sequential order. In the future, after we sell these pendants, we look forward to making more pendants and replicas of Bob's ring itself. We'll keep you posted on our progress!"

There is also a mascot of sorts for the RAW Trust — Lumi, based on a drawing by Robert Anton Wilson. Rasa asked his panel of advisors for a name for the drawing, and the winner was a suggestion from Michael Johnson, who wrote, "Hey look everyone! It’s Lumi, the Friendly All-Seeing Eye of the Illuminati! Hi Lumi! Don’t tell Lumi what you think: he already knows!"

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