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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

RAW Day videos coming soon

Richard Rasa has posted a video, about six minutes long, above, that contains snippets of videos from RAW Day, held last July 23 in Santa Cruz, Calif.  The video includes appearances by Daisy Campbell, Christina Pearson,  Erik Davis, Richard Rasa, R.U. Sirius, Nick Herbert, Adam Gorightly, and Ferdinando.

Rasa says full videos will be posted soon. You can sign up for the RAW Trust newsletter at the same link as the videos. 

They should be quite stimulating. Snippet from Christina Pearson: "Was he a good father? No. Was he a phenomenal human being? Absolutely."


Rasa said...

I think everyone was entranced by Christina's "authenticity." She chose the right word in that sense. Maybe one day she'll write that books she's thought about, "Growing Up in the House of RAW."

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

That would be a great book. My favorite bits in the RAW Trust newsletters are Christina's anecdotes. Everybody follow the link and sign up for a newsletter!

Eric Wagner said...

I would love to read Christina’s book!