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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Adam Gorightly gets mail!

One of Adam's books about Kerry Thornley. More information here. 

At the invaluable Historia Discordia, Adam Gorightly reproduces some of the letters he received from Kerry Thornley. 

They are an odd mixture of craziness, insight and useful information. I doubt, for example, that Robert Anton Wilson "was connected with a Nazi secret society known as MAAGI6," as Thornley claims. But I believe Thornley's statement that "Wilson introduced me to the individual anarchists–Proudhon, Warren, Tucker, Spooner, Bersodi, Labadie, etc."

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Inigo Montoya said...

Ralph Borsodi (not "Bersodi")... Little-remembered by anarchists, but an interesting figure:
Also, interesting piece here about him: