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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Discordian band releases new album

The name of the band is Chandeliers, described as a "synth musik band" on Twitter, and the new album's name is Law of Fives, the new album is expected out Monday. The above video for the first track has great visuals and you should take a moment to look at it.

The band is interested in Discordianism, hence the album's name, discussion on this radio show. 
The band is from Chicago, website here.  The band is on Twitter.  Also on Instagram as Chandeliers23.

Hat tip: @advantardeodotus on Twitter. 


fuzzbuddy said...

They use a good RAW sample in the animated song Snake Bomb on their website.

Chris Kalis said...

Hey Thanks for the post! Here's the sample of RAW reciting the Discordian affirmation at the end of "Snake Bomb"